Imago Beauty Group and Honey Bakery | Live Music, Art, and Dancing for World AIDS Day

(art)(performance)(music)(educational) 8pm-11pm IMAGO BEAUTY GROUP AND HONEY BAKERY presents “Live Music, Art, and Dancing for World AIDS Day.” We will have art by local artists, live music, and lots of fun. 673 Bergen Ave (Fairview/Duncan) 201-332-6100. Barrier free. Family-friendly.

Novado Gallery | Carlos Frias Art Opening at the Park Hamilton

(art) 7pm-9pm NOVADO GALLERY presents “Carlos Frias Art Opening at the Park Hamilton!” The Park Hamilton exhibits recent paintings by Artist Carlos Frias. On view: the artist’s colorful, lyrical abstractions that have the serious playfulness of Chagall and Miro. Runs through February 25. The Park Hamilton, 205 10th St (Erie/Manilla) 201-744-6713. Family-friendly. Barrier-free. c

The Oakman | The Art Project

(art) 6pm-8pm THE OAKMAN presents “The Art Project.” Take a tour of 14 Floors of Art- Susan Evans Grove, Hijo Nam, Ani Rosskam, Caridad Kennedy, KerryKolenut, Fukuko Harris, Bill Leech, Pat Lay, Karen Nielsen Fried, Injoo Whang, Alejandro Rubin, Szilvia Revesz, Jean-Antoine Norbert, David French. 160 First St (Marin Blvd/Provost) 201-685-0117. Barrier-free. Family-friendly.

Fine Arts Gallery at Saint Peter’s University | Color as Noun, Pronoun, and Verb

(art) 5pm-7pm FINE ARTS GALLERY AT SAINT PETER’S UNIVERSITY presents “Color as Noun, Pronoun and Verb.” Group painting exhibition featuring the work of Andrea Epstein, Alyce Gottesman, Candy Le Suer, and Gail Winbury. 47 Glenwood Ave, 5th floor (Bergen/Kennedy Blvd) 201-761-6484. Barrier-free. Family-friendly.

Shuster Managment/The Art House | The Art Project

(art) 6pm-8pm SHUSTER MANAGEMENT/THE ART HOUSE presents “The Art Project.” Tour 12 Floors of art by Elaine Hansen, Walter Roderiguez, Deirdre Kennedy, Tim Heins, Diane Tenerelli, David French, Joanie Gagnon SanChirco and more. Proceeds from sales benefit artists and teen classes at Bethune Center. 148 First St (Marin Blvd/Provost) 201-798-0928. Barrier-free. Family-friendly.

Silverman and The Majestic Theatre Condominium Association | Deborah Freedman A Better World

(art) 6pm-8pm SILVERMAN AND THE MAJESTIC THEATRE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION presents “Deborah Freedman A Better World.” New paintings from contemporary artist Deborah Freedman that capture the majesty and materiality of the observed and recorded natural world. (curated by Enrico Gomez for The Dorado Project). 222 Montgomery St (Barrow/Grove) 201-435-8000. Barrier-free.

Eonta Space | Isabelle Garbani’s Mass Suicide

(art)(music)(educational) 6pm-10pm EONTA SPACE presents “Isabelle Garbani’s Mass Suicide.” Isabelle Garbani’s Mass Suicide, an environmental installation of consumerist by-products brought by the public to Eonta Space, and fashioned into a jungle of ropes (the most common of suicidal implements) reminds us to think long term about the wellbeing of our planet. Music by Cupkakos Moldinius. […]