The Oakman | The Art Project

(art) 6pm-8pm THE OAKMAN presents “The Art Project.” Take a tour of 14 Floors of Art- Susan Evans Grove, Hijo Nam, Ani Rosskam, Caridad Kennedy, KerryKolenut, Fukuko Harris, Bill Leech, Pat Lay, Karen Nielsen Fried, Injoo Whang, Alejandro Rubin, Szilvia Revesz, Jean-Antoine Norbert, David French. 160 First St (Marin Blvd/Provost) 201-685-0117. Barrier-free. Family-friendly.

Shuster Managment/The Art House | The Art Project

(art) 6pm-8pm SHUSTER MANAGEMENT/THE ART HOUSE presents “The Art Project.” Tour 12 Floors of art by Elaine Hansen, Walter Roderiguez, Deirdre Kennedy, Tim Heins, Diane Tenerelli, David French, Joanie Gagnon SanChirco and more. Proceeds from sales benefit artists and teen classes at Bethune Center. 148 First St (Marin Blvd/Provost) 201-798-0928. Barrier-free. Family-friendly.